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for looking at our project. What you are about to read and view is an online reality media experience which has never been attempted on a scale such as this. This project will follow six people for one year of their lives together, every step of the way.

You will be part of their everyday life, see them at work, at home, when they fight and make up, when they have parties, in their pool, when they cook and even when they go on vacation.


We will equip their house with 48 cameras, and everything they do will be live streamed for 1 year over the internet. All rooms and cast members are also equipped with microphones, and you never miss a word.


You will be watching all of this live over the internet from the comfort of your PC, smartphone, tablet, iPad or Roku on TV. There is no need to record anything, as you might do with Big Brother or Jersey Shore, because you will be there live with us.

Unlike Jersey Shore and Big Brother, you don’t have to wait a week for updates or watch a season finale and wait on the edge of your seat to see what happens next season. Everything is in real time with this project


The Truman Show was an inventive movie, but this is the first ever real project on a similar scale. You can see them at home, when they go on vacation and when they are at work. You will see every prank they play on each other. See it live before it gets edited for YouTube and Break.


Everyone has differences of opinion at one time or another, and you will be a witness to everything, including their making up. Watch them pitch for work projects and cross your fingers when they try to get an important shoot lined up. You can even chat with them on selected days. Video chat will also be possible, but this is available only for Kickstarter Backers.


Best of all, we will invite a few backers to the set: some for a weekend and some for a whole week. This is part of our reward system. If you want to be live streamed over the internet, please review our incentives further down the page. We might just have the right reward for you.


The reason we kept the main reward for you, as the viewer, so low is because we want as many people as possible to be able to watch. Instead we offer a very large variety of advertising opportunities. We don’t want to plaster the Live Stream with advertising or commercials so instead we came up with some of the most exciting and unique ways for people to advertise and in return give you the feel of an uninterrupted show.


You can be a simple watcher or if you prefer you can chat or even skype with us. Let us give a shout out from you to your friends. Wish them happy birthday through us. Want to be a Model on a real Photo Shoot? Spend a weekend with us? Nothing is impossible with our innovative and awesome rewards. Browse through all of our rewards, we are sure there is something more than just watching the Stream for you.


Why 1 Year? Why backers? Why advertisers?


When we started the project it was to have been half a year long, and the cost was half the current figure. As we have decided to double the length of the project, our costs have risen. The live streams will be more costly, and all other expenses have also doubled. We are now planning to equip every location to which the couple travels with video and audio systems.


We had originally planned to have paying subscribers to offset the immense cost, but because of the substantial feedback and high level of interest so far, we now plan to make the site even better. This is why we are on Kickstarter in the future as well. We need your support and help in making this a great project, despite the considerable increase in cost. We have come up with a number of innovative incentives and hope that these will inspire you to help us. 


What do you use the pledges for?


Most of the money will be used to cover the cost of the live stream. There are also everyday costs, including house rental, electricity, internet, phone, lights, gas, insurance, travel, equipment, the maintenance of cameras and microphones, technical personnel to ensure uninterrupted service. I am donating my time as a director and will not derive income from the project. I just want to see an enduring dream come true and to create a world first event.


What do you mean by Live Stream?


The house is equipped with up to 48 cameras and microphones. Everything is filmed live and streamed via the internet. People can go to our website and see everything happening in real time with perhaps a delay of a few seconds. This means that there are no second shots, no retakes, no hiding things and no editing out. Anything and everything is Live and cannot be altered in any way, shape or form, because it is live.


How big is your House?


The house is an 8 bedroom residence, with 7 full bathrooms, a living room, a dining room, a games room, a study, a video room and a large family room. It has 6 fireplaces and is located in Los Angeles, California. For security reasons, that is about as specific as we can be. We would not want anyone showing up unannounced. The house takes up more than 10,000 square feet.


The house has a large pool and back yard. We have cameras in every single room, without exception, and others outside, by the pool and yard, even in the garage. We have installed 48 cameras and over 80 microphones to complete the viewing experience.

The backyard is equipped with a large BBQ area, and there will be quite a few parties held there.


There also will be a professional Photo Studio setup from where Tim will create your amazing rewards and fulfill rewards for other backers. The Studio will also have all the equipment and set up to do all the post-shoot work. You will get to see even this.


















Our Website


Our website will give you the opportunity to sign up for an account and watch the couple via a live stream. You can choose the camera you wish to use, and you have 48 to choose from. In the membership section you will have one large screen, the room you are viewing, and on the side you can choose a number of smaller images of other rooms you may want to switch to.


You will be able to see old videos recorded during vacations or during the couple’s driving or flying time. They will also post vlogs.

You will be able to see news and forthcoming events on the site, and this will help you plan ahead to be there for something important or particularly interesting.


Meet The Cast


The cast for this awesome project consists, as of right now, of Tim our photographer, Devon the Student, Samantha, Heather, Susan and Brooklyn the Models.


If you want to find out more about the cast go to our website at and check them out. We have added some info to their bios but we are trying to keep the complete identities hidden for now until we are ready to start the project.

The reason we are doing this is because some of the cast members have agreed to participate but don’t want family and friends know yet that they are part of this project until it is a go, meaning until you helped us launch this project.



Take a look at our T-Shirt's below and if you want one, just get the T-Shirt Reward and you will be able to wear your new Shirt while you watch our Stream.












































DVD / Body Painting


If you like Body Painting you will love our DVD reward. During this project Tim will have several body Painting Photo Shoots. This DVD will include ALL final Photos as well as a 60 minute behind the scenes video. We will also include interviews with Tim and the Models. Tim is also going to explain what the best ways are to shoot Body Paintings.
















































What Streaming Equipment do you plan on using?


We will be using equipment for this project. We will have several HD1710 Studio Switchers with Control Surface. We plan on using one Switch per cast member for a total of six Switches. We will have up to 48 Cameras set up as well as 8 Wireless cameras, using Broadcaster, we bring out when the cast hangs out by the pool or goes on vacation. We will also be using Google Glass for some fun and entertaining streams. Our cameras will be Sony and JVC.

How does this work?


I will give you a rundown of the behind the scenes and what the viewer, you, will actually see. You will come to our website and see a choice of all 6 cast members. From there you choose who you want to follow for the moment, but don’t worry you can switch from cast member to cast member with the click of a button. Once you choose a cast member, let’s say you choose Tim, you will get a full screen live stream Video of Tim.


You see Tim sitting in the Living room watching Hockey. He gets up and moves into the kitchen and grabs something to drink and then goes over to Sam’s room to ask her a question and finally returns back to the living room. Everything was live on your stream without any interruption and without anything you had to do in order to follow him from room to room.


You never have to switch any camera or sound options. We have people behind the scenes that will switch from camera to camera as Tim goes from room to room. Just like in a movie or a TV show. Same principle, just a lot easier thanks to the equipment we will be using.


You will have to do none of the work but get all of the uninterrupted fun. If you want you can even pull several screens open at the same time so you can follow more than one cast member at a time.


You didn’t even miss a word Tim said because Tim will be wearing, like all other cast members, a Sennheiser wireless microphone pack. All cameras also have external microphones for you so you never miss a beat.


No matter where any of the cast member is at any given time, if you choose to view their camera, you simply click on their name and you will see a live stream of your choice. If you want you can even pull up all 6 cast members at a time and view them all at the same time.


Because we have dedicated Technical personal working the behind the scenes to make this project awesome for you, our cost are very high for all the employees. Our behind the scene staff will consist of approximately 25 people and they have decided to dedicate their time and extensive know-how for a small salary for the year. After all they still have to pay bills and they will be working rotating shifts for the year to make sure staff is on hand for your viewing pleasure.


Can I be on the Show?


Yes, you could be. We are toying with the idea of adding 2 more people to the show. Simply go to our website and click the “Apply” button. Fill out all the required information, attach a photo of yourself and hit submit. If we reach our stretch goals and find the right candidates, we will choose two more people. So what do you have to lose?


Simply go to CONTACT US and submit your info including bio and picture.


Thank you


Whether you have decided to become a backer or not, we would like to thank you for your time and interest in our project. If you chose not to back this project I hope to see you on the other end of this Live Stream. If you decided to become a backer, thank you from the bottom of our hearts and from all the people who are able to see this project, YOU made it happen!


Either way, you all helped to make this project come to life and to make sure that it is fun for everyone. There are few occasions in life in which you can be part of a world first event, and this one, without question.


We hope to see you all on our website at one point or another in the next year.

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