It’s about time to find out more about the cast. What do they like and what are some of their favorite things to do? Why are they part of this awesome project and why don’t we offer a real picture of them?

Read a few things about our cast below and get some bullet points about their likes and dislikes. There is a reason we kept some of the info’s about them hidden. There also is a reason we do not use a real picture for their info right now.

What is that reason? Funding. Our project is extremely expensive to pull off and we are working on a Kickstarter project right now. One of the rewards we will offer is a “Meet the Cast” special. If you support the project and choose this reward you will get exclusive access to our “reveal Stream” and meet the crew before anyone else does. You will also have the ability to ask questions.

So let’s meet our six participants…


Meet Tim, the main person of our project. Tim is a professional photo and videographer. Tim loves sports and grew up in Germany as an Army brat and is Bilingual. He has an adorable accent. Tim has many hobbies. His two favorite hobbies are sports and live streaming on Twitch. Gaming is one of his favorite things to do.

Tim has worked with a wide array of photo and videography. From Wedding and casual to Print and media projects as well as glamour shots with high profile models. Body paintings are one of his favorite shots.

Tim is an extremely muscular guy having played professional Football for most of his life. He likes to keep in shape and works out 5 to 6 days per week. He is a go getter and he only sees opportunities and not obstacles.

Having a love for photography and beautiful women Tim decided to make his love his job. He has never regretted his decision to turn into a professional photo and videographer. He makes a perfect candidate for our cast with his many hobbies and sunny boy way of live. He is never in a bad mood and sees everything in a positive way.


Welcome to the cast Tim.


Our favorite student in the world. Extremely funny, competitive and smart. Tim’s best friend. He is also an extremely upbeat person like the rest of the crew. Devon and Tim are extremely competitive in anything they do and its shows. Devon is extremely well build and loves the water.


Neither a model nor photographer. But he still fits in perfectly with his attitude and smile. Devon also dates one of our Models, Susan. Devon is a student who took a break from school to participate in this great project to bring FUN to the project. He has a very positive outlook on life and loves to hang with friends. A whole year live stream is easy he said. Leets wait and see what he says in a few months.

Working out every day is extremely important to him as a wrestler. Having a great body also gets you the babes he says. Don’t be fooled by his talk though. He is an absolute sweetheart and whipped by Susan, even though he is not going to admit that.

Another anchor point of the cast as he is friends with all of the cast. Being friends with everyone makes this project so much more easy and real. So he didn’t want to miss out on a chance of being part of the crew.


Welcome to you as well.


Here we go with Samantha or Sam as she likes to be called. Sam is Tim’s girlfriend and they have been dating for few years now. Sam is a professional model and also loves her job very much. Sam has been to many countries during her career and absolutely loves the Caribbean.

Sam also loves to work out and got an early start into modeling at a young age. First she did some catalog shots as a young teen and later decided that this would make a great career. She enjoys working with Tim as he is a very critical perfectionist when it comes to shoots.

Her favorite food is Pizza. Despite being a model she absolutely loves cheese pizza, the more cheese the better. Her dedicated workout attitude keeps her body in great shape. Sam is a perfect fit for this project because of her upbeat personality and smile.

Sam has decided to join this project for the same reason as Tim. Being part of something NEW and AMAZING. The only way they agreed to accept this project was to NOT censor anything. They wanted to make sure the project is as REAL as it gets and this can only be done if NOTHING has been censored.


Welcome to the project Sam.


Here is Devon’s girlfriend. Meet Susan or better Sue, how she likes to be called. Sue is another great fit for this project. She isn’t a professional model but rather a student trying to find her place in life. She wanted to be part of this project there would be “babes” and Devon is not going without me.

Don’t be fooled though, Sue is an amazing women with a wonderful attitude as well. She likes to play games as well but is not a streamer, as of now. I think we can change this. Sue loves to be in front of the camera and is an absolute fan of Body painting and the hard work that it takes to look good.

Susan is in great shape as well. She works out with the other girls mainly because it’s fun and not to keep in shape, so she says. Dating a hot guy and staying in shape for him also helps we think. Playing sports are very important to her as she loves the team spirit that comes with it.

Susan approached us about participating when she heard that her boyfriend was interested. And trying to find her place in life she wants to see what this will bring for her after the project end. Maybe acting or professional modeling? Maybe singing? Maybe become an artist? Like we said, she is trying to find her place.


Welcome aboard.


Next up we have Heather, a wonderful personality with a great spirit. Heather is also a professional model and loves the cat walk more than anything else in life. She also started at a very young age and has done a wide variety of shots from beauty to fashion and body paintings.

Keeping her body in shape at all times is her main negative part of her career. She is a foodie and loves to eat anything that looks and smells good. She doesn’t mind working out but thinks that time is better spend eating something amazing.

Horribly funny personality.


That’s the one thing the rest of the cast agrees on is her main trait. She loves just about anything. No matter how politically correct it is. If it’s funny she laughs about it. Laughter is the best medicine and extremely sexy she thinks.

Heather is a great fit for this project, not only because she is best friends with Sam, but also because her attitude fits in perfect with the rest of the cast. Heather will keep you entertained and laughing all day by herself. She also loves to game it up with CS:GO and WOW and other entertaining games. She is also an avid streamer.


Welcome to the group.


Brooklyn. She prefers brook though. Don’t be mean to her or you will find yourself in hell. Extremely faithful to her friends and ex-partner she would do anything for you and back you up no matter the cost. Brook is the corner stone for the cast besides Tim.

Brook is a part time model and part time artist. She works hard on keeping her body in shape despite hating “every minute” of working out. But that’s what it takes so I have to. She also loves to be in front of the camera. If possible in nude, that’s why she loves body paintings. She is one of Tim’s original body painting models and one of his best and closest friends.

Her main reason to be part of this project is that he hates “fake” shows that cut and edit everything out to get people to like and follow their show for commercial reasons. She also only agreed to partake if we do not EDIT anything about the show at all.


When she met Tim he only did photography, they worked on his first ever video shot. Having a hot and amazing person like Brook made me more comfortable with my work in the video area he says. If Tim would be single he would be all mine Brook thinks. I hope that this will not be a recipe for disaster.


Welcome to the final six.

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